Milo plannen en projecten

Specialist and public-private partnerships

Our company believes in the potentiating strength of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and regards it as the best possible solution for high-risk developments. Such partnerships have also led to the development of numerous other forms of cooperation. The government, which will always place the interests of society first, is obliged to limit risks and has the capacity to realise optimal funding. Business interests are of prime importance to the corporate world, which can cope with risks and places the focus on continuity. This is the interface where these differing interests in projects can reinforce one another. The added value of PPP, which must be clear to all parties and properly defined, becomes visible in the responsible apportionment of risks, the development of innovative business opportunities and modern applications as well as the cost-effective and timely implementation of projects. Optimal synergism simply requires making the right choices in the right sequence. This is the added value that we supply.

We are specialists in managing and supervising projects based on Public-Private Partnerships, and with demonstrable success. Prominent references:

  • Reorganising experimental farm Oostwaardhoeve vof in Slootdorp. Commissioned by: Wageningen University & Research Centre. Position: director.
  • Development of the Zuyder Zee port in Kampen. Commissioned by: development company Zuiderzeehaven cv. Position: director. Info:;
  • Re-designing industrial estate H2O in Wezep. Commissioned by: development company Hattemerbroek bv. Position: director. Info:
  • Re-designing Hoogtij port area in Zaanstad. Commissioned by: regional development company Noordzeekanaalgebied nv. Position: director. Info:;
  • Development of Haatlandhaven wind farm in Kampen. Commissioned by: Consortium Zuyder Zee port. Position: delegated developer;
  • Development of nature compensation bank Kampereiland in Kampen. Commissioned by: Municipality of Kampen. Position: delegated developer.