Milo plannen en projecten


Milo is at home when dealing with all matters relating to the environment, infrastructure and landscape development [Milo is an acronym for these terms in Dutch]. Plans and projects are our main preoccupation, and this is reflected in our official name: Milo B.V. Much of our work is commissioned by third parties, though we also develop our own initiatives, both at home and abroad.

Milo management

The day-to-day management of this exceptional bureau, with its distinctive approach, is in the hands of Rik Duijn, specialist in physical geography and pedology, born in the north of Holland and known for his level-headedness and ability to listen before speaking. His career with an international dredging company is what brought him into contact with large environmental projects. Over the years, large infrastructural jobs and waterway-related logistics have become the defining characteristics of Milo. The bureau works with various qualified partners who are deployed in a variety of different combinations according to the project.

Working according to one's vision

Our attitude to work is based on economic and social values and the interaction between them. As we see it: tomorrow started today. Having vision and substance leads to positive results, and by that we mean results with added value, thanks to our integral approach to the various phases. We have a penchant for looking ahead and getting involved in future implementation even at the planning stage. We strive to achieve what others thought was impossible. Due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to keep our hands firmly on the reins, right from the initial idea up to and including the phase of sustainable management. This is what will form the foundation for your success.